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Adoption Fee Guidelines

Each our puppy goes through the same training and socialization program and each is given our outmost care. Therefore each puppy has the same adoption fee regardless of sex, or purpose he/she will be serving in his/her new home.  Two first pick pups - male and female - are offered for an additional fee.  The rest of the puppies are selected based on the order of received deposits and temperament test of each pup to ensure the best possible match.

All puppies are initially sold with Limited AKC Registration. Puppies that are sold as companions and pets only cannot be bred and must be spayed, or neutered after 12 months old. Please click here to read an article on health implications in early spay and neuter in dogs. All Victorious puppies are required to have health clearances performed on hips and elbows regardless of whether they are sold as a show, performance, or companion dogs. As a breeder, I feel strongly that I need to know what I'm producing in all my puppies. Every puppy that is produced by my dogs is equally important to me in the evaluation of my breeding program. Therefore I will refund 50% of the cost of the OFA tests (hips and elbows), except for the cost of anesthesia.     

We offer our most promising pups with best conformation and outmost talent for performance to people who are serious about breeding and training and will dedicate time to work towards their titles in performance and/or conformation. Most promising puppies are offered on co-ownership contract for the reduced price (50%). If considering this option please contact me for more details.

The price for puppies fluctuates depending on the cost of the stud fee, other breeding related expenses, and the size of the litter. Please enquire about the price on the current litter(s) via e-mail. We accept reservation deposits once breeding takes place.  Deposits are applied toward the puppy's full purchase price. Please understand that deposits are NONE REFUNDABLE because as soon as we get your deposit we list a pup as reserved and no longer available for other prospective buyers. Each deposit can be transferred to the next litter.  A deposit is only refundable if we unable provide a puppy for you from a litter you reserved your pup. Deposit payment by PayPal, cash, Money Order or a personal check is acceptable.    

The costs of crate, insurance during shipment, and cost of freight charges as well a health certificate is an additional cost payable prior to shipping of our puppy. Shipping in the U.S. for an 8 week old puppy (weighing 10-18 lb)  is approximately $400 with the cost for a crate and the Health Certificate for travel.    

We highly recommend coming and getting your pup in person. This will also allow you to meet us, see the dam and the environment your pups grew for eight weeks. This would also allow us to spend time with you and explain a training program we started your puppy in and provide some guidelines for further training and socializing that puppy will require to grow up into a well-rounded dog, which you and people around you will enjoy.


We encourage all our puppy owners to have a relationship with us for the life of the dog. We are here to guide, help and offer an advise for our puppies owners. We want to know what all the puppies look like, how they move, and what their health and personality is like.  At a minimum, we require pictures and updates on a yearly basis. Of course, we would love to receive more frequent updates!

All our puppies are required to be on the vitamin and joint supplement until they mature  due to the fact that not all dog foods provide ample amount of nourishment for a young growing dog.  We raise our pups on NeVet supplement and this is what we recommend to our puppy owners. Here are some facts about this supplement.

NuVet Plus:

Natural, Powerful

Immune System Support!


NuVet Plus: Veterinarian Recommended and Scientifically Formulated to Provide Everything Your Pet Needs for Optimal Health!


NuVet Labs’ Goal is to Help Increase Your Pet's Longevity and Quality of Life.


NuVet Plus for Canines and NuVet Plus for Felines provide the very best human-grade, natural ingredients available, and utilize the latest advances in medical, veterinary, and nutritional science.


NuVet products help put pets on the “path to perfect health” and support their development through every stage in life. 


NuVet Plus is not available in stores or directly to the general public. You can only purchase NuVet Plus when you get a recommendation only from a pet professional.


Thousands of the nation’s top veterinarians and other pet industry professionals use NuVet Plus® for their own pets and recommend it to their clients’ pets!     


NuVet Plus is Natural – No Artificial Sweeteners or Fillers


NuVet Plus – A Taste Pets Love!  Made with Real Chicken Liver.


Insider’s Secret: NuVet products are not available in stores; they are distributed through educated and dedicated pet industry specialists. You can order directly from the manufacturer with a referral from us.

Canadian customers please call 800-474-7044 to order


International customers (including U.S territories) please call 800-474-7044 to order

Use Order Code: 19796

Save up to 15% on Autoship when you order here: http://www.nuvet.com/19796


The AutoShip program allows you to receive a 15% discount on NuVet Plus®. AutoShip is an automatic refill of your NuVet Labs® supplements; the shipping frequency is calculated according to the number of pets you have and how many supplements they each receive per day. You will continue to receive the discount for as long as you stay on the program, and you may cancel at any time, for any reason, with no cancellation fees or penalties.

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