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Meet Our Shepherds!

17xHIT  2xTotal Dog  2xRBIS  BPISS  UGRCH  UCDX UROC  Regalwise Victorious Faith UD  RE  PT  HIC(d&s)

4xHIT  2xTotal Dog  UCH  UCDX  UROC  Surefire Victorious Joy Estel UD  RA  OAP  NJP  PT  HIC (d)

2015' BPISS BIMBS  RBIMBS  UGRCH  URO1  HIT 2xTotal Dog Victorious Sasha of Joy NJP NAP  CGC  CGCA  SPOT-ON                  

Proudly co-owned with Larry and Judy Crossman

Victorious White Star Argent                   

Proudly co-owned with Monique Myhre


Victorious Keep Faith Alive 

UD  AJP  AXP  PT                   

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