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Planned Litters

14' TopTen #4   3xTotal Dog  BPIMBS  BISS  



Top scores: Obedience Rally OR1 - 99 (out of 100)

PennHip 70% (.25/.36), OFA Good Hips/Normal Elbows,

DM Normal (by parentage), TLI Normal, 

MDR1 N/N (by parentage)



This litter is planned for spring of 2016!

Sophia is an exceptionally beautiful and successful young dog that was bred here at Victorious Shepherds. I co-own her with my good friend Cindy Goss, who will be raising this litter at her home. By two years old Sophia was ranked #4 in UKC Top Ten dogs in the Nation. She is a wonderful example of the breed that has an excellent conformation and exuberant friendly character. Sophia has an excellent prey and food drives and easily trainable. She is also a therapy dog and actively serves in this role for returning military veterans, police, fire, EMS and other first time responders suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and other stress related emotional and medical disorders.

For more pictures and information about Sophia, please go to her page: Victorious Joyful Star Sophia and White Star Shepherds.

The waiting list for pups out of this litter is already started. We are especially interested in homes where our pups will be trained and compete in dogs sports such as obedience, agility, flyball, tracking, etc. Homes that need a service, SAR or therapy prospect are also our high priority on the waiting list.  If interested in this  litter, please fill out my puppy application: Puppy Application.


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